Why purchase an ICE-Disc?

The ICE disc is made from hard wearing, waterproof and tear-proof material linking you to your information.

 I have my ICE contacts stored on my phone, Do I need an ICE-Disc?

This is always a good idea! Phones can become damaged, lost or difficult to find during a road traffic incident.Phones can be locked with a passcode which means you can’t get access to the ICE contacts Even if there is no ‘lock’, your phone must be undamaged and the battery charged.

 How secure is my information?

ICE-Discs if purchased with a holder will secure your information in a non-transparent holder that you can locate in the window of your vehicle.

ICE-Discs.com include guidance to filling the information in, this is a guide and is not compulsory, however we have consulted with EMS professionals about information they require to help you.

 Can they find my address from the ICE-Disc?

While developing ICE-Disc we spent time to ensure that no one could use the disc to identify where you live.

The information on the disc is enough information for the paramedics to identify your next of kin and make definitive life saving decisions based on allergies, medical history and medication.

 I don't have a car, could I still use an ICE-Disc?

ICE-Discs are not just exclusive to use in vehicles, do you have an ill or elderly friend or family member, ICE-Discs are an excellent idea to place in the front door window, in case emergency services are called to the home and need the vital information that ICE-Discs contains.