About Us

ICE-Discs was created in Cornwall, UK in 2014. Having been involved in responding to emergencies in the past we looked at how in the event of a Road Traffic Incident information could be retrieved from an unconscious casualty. As ICE is now widely recognised as the abbreviation for In Case of Emergency we went about developing ICE-Discs in order to share information with emergency services when you may not be able too.

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Sam Lonsdale - Associate Partner

Sam has accumulated more than 10 years of experiences in First Aid Training, First Responding and Search & Rescue within his local community of Falmouth. Sam has also set up and run a number of small businesses including Aberfal Outdoor Pursuits and Aberfal First Aid Training.

E-mail: sam@ice-discs.com

Mark Rosevear - Associate Partner

Mark has accumulated more than 15 years experience in Search & Rescue within the local community, as well as working with young people in the community with challenging behavior. Mark has been involved in a number of community related projects delivering first aid and welfare. More recently Mark has also set up his own small business Rosevear Training Solutions.

E-mail: mark@ice-discs.com