Taxi Company signs up for Lifesaving product

Checkers Taxi Company protects their drivers with ICE-Discs.

Falmouth Taxi Company ‘Checkers’ are the first taxi company in the UK to place an ICE-Disc into each of their cars, helping to protect their drivers if they are involved in an incident whilst driving.
Anne O’Connell Owner of Checkers taxis said "Keeping my drivers safe is very important to me; my drivers and I are out driving for many hours each day, who knows what might happen. I hope we will never have to put the ICE-Discs into practice, but we have them there just in case"
ICE-Discs were designed by Sam Lonsdale & Mark Rosevear to replace the newly redundant tax discs and tax disc holders. ICE-Discs hold medical information which will help medical professionals to understand the best course of treatment and tests for persons involved in road traffic incidents or medical emergency whilst commuting. The self-adhesive Holders which fit in your windscreen are printed with the acronym I.C.E (In Case of Emergency) and the Star of Life which are both widely recognised by the emergency services as medical identification symbols.
"We are delighted that a local taxi company have fitted their cars with ICE-Discs, driver safety is an important issue amongst professional drivers" - Mark Rosevear ICE-Disc partner.
"ICE-Discs won’t stop you from being involved in a car incident, but they are there to hopefully give you a head start when it comes to your pre-hospital care. We would be happy to speak to any professional drivers or companies who would like to use ICE-Discs, please get in touch," - Sam Lonsdale ICE-Discs Partner.