Falmouth businessmen launch new 'in case of emergency' discs to replace vehicle tax discs holders

Two Falmouth coastguard officers have come up with a potentially lifesaving replacement for tax disc holders.

Businessmen Sam Lonsdale and Mark Rosevear have launched ICE-Discs, which can hold medical information.

This allows medical professionals to quickly understand the best course of treatment for persons involved in road traffic incident and medical emergency.

The self-adhesive holders have the acronym ICE (In Case of Emergency) and the Star of Life which are both widely recognised by paramedics and the other emergency services as medical identification symbols.


As well as holding relevant medical information, they also contain next of kin details.

Mr Rosevear said: “We were discussing the options out there for I.C.E (in case of emergency) when involved in a car incident.

“Whilst doing some research we found lots of I.C.E products all of which required either phone access or technology that requires paramedics to download and scan QR or bar codes.

“This can take alot of time so usually happens on arrival at hospital.

“Our discs allow EMS to grab the information without worrying about signal or phone technology, saving valuable time.”

And Mr Lonsdale added: “ICE-Discs not only help with the decisive treatment of casualties, but can also alert medical staff quickly to peoples next of kin, allowing the quick contact of family members can also alert medical staff to further medical information.”

Figures show in the year ending September 2014 there were 1,730 reported road fatalities, 24,360 killed or seriously injured casualties and 192,910 reported road casualties.

“We don’t expect ICE-Discs to lower these figures but ICE-Discs can help with quicker treatment of casualties which could save lives,” added Mr Lonsdale.

“Paramedics are very much stretched, so if we can assist them with their job, we at ICE-Discs will be more than happy.”

For more information on ICE-Discs or to buy one (at a cost of £3.95 each), visit the website www.ice-discs.com or E-mail info@ice-discs.com.

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